Self Awareness

If you’re not achieving the life you want, odds are it’s on you. It’s you who has the position of power in your life. And yet, playing the blame game is always much easier! But believe me, there is no place for it in your life if you want to achieve success.

Realizing that you ALWAYS have a choice in how you react to any situation is a huge step. Here are a few tips to achieving the life you desire:

  • Develop self-awareness in all areas of your life.
  • Get to know your habits, the good and the bad.
  • Understand your underlying beliefs and behaviors.
  • Know which ones are strengths, which ones are challenges and which ones sabotage your Awesomeness.

From my perspective here in China, I would also recommend that you cultivate Emotional Intelligence (EQ). It goes hand in hand in with self-awareness and is crucial to all of your interactions and to the effectiveness of your communication. When you learn to manage and regulate your emotions, you increase your confidence, you communicate with more passion and your relationships are more fulfilling.

This week focus on your own self awareness – where are you making the choices, where are you allowing others to choose for you?

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