Give Them Reasons

How do you stay in touch with your prospects without sending those no value “Let’s keep in touch” emails?

Our third idea today to help you keep sales momentum alive and provide value to your prospect with every interaction.

  1. Continue to educate

Sometimes your prospects are still working through their options, thinking to themselves “Does it make sense to move forward or not?” From the outside, you won’t know. And what you can do is keep giving them more reasons to change!

“Dear …….

I know it’s a big decision to change from the status quo.

That’s why I thought you might be interested in this article (case study, webinar, ebook) on (relevant topic).

Let’s set up a time to talk through your questions and concerns.”

See the difference in all three cases given you? You’re not just talking, you’re continuing to provide value.

Drop the “touching base” and “checking in” mentality from your vocabulary entirely.

When making follow up calls, become an asset in their decision process.

That’s when they’ll really want to work with you!

Food for thought.

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