If you have ever watched ‘The Bachelorette’, you’ll notice that the guys who make it the furthest are the ones who get to spend the most time talking with the woman. This is because building a rapport with someone comes from talking and listening. When you can get to know each other and discover similarities, your relationship can build a more solid foundation. This applies to anything in life: clients, friendships, and more.

Making sure you clearly express your wants, needs, and intentions can benefit you greatly in life. It can be the determining factor in negotiating a salary or setting the course of a friendship or relationship. Often, conflicts, arguments, and disagreements stem from not communicating clearly. Preventing these misunderstandings is one reason communication is important.

And don’t forget the listening part! Expressing your wants and needs are only half of the picture. You also need to truly understand where the other person is coming from, and you cannot understand if you keep talking! Listening and asking questions to clarify what the other is saying will go a long way in completing the other half of the picture, and giving you a clear understanding of what the person you are speaking to is conveying to you.


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