The Importance of Communication

Communication skills are more important than ever, for all fields of endeavour. Whether you’re an engineer or a communication scholar, having a firm grasp of communication will undoubtedly be a key role in your success. Oftentimes, people with great technical skills reach a point in their careers where they are no longer promoted, because of their inability to communicate effectively. Professors often tell anecdotal stories about students that have been hugely successful in gaining jobs right out of college, but then struggle to get promoted into management and leadership roles beyond their technical duties. This is because they were lacking in one fundamental skill that would have helped them shine above all their competition: communication.

In fact, according to a Job Outlook 2011 survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employment (NACE), verbal communication is the most sought after skill by employers.

And, poor communication skills don’t only affect your success in the workplace. The divorce rate in the United States is almost 50 percent, and do you know what the number one cause of this is?

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